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Poetry books by Toni Briegel

Soul of Sand: A Journey into the Empty Quarter by Gloria Kifayeh and Toni Briegel

Soul of Sea: A Journey to the coastal Waters of the Emirates and Oman by Gloria Kifayeh and Toni Briegel

Young Adult Novels by T. M. Sills (Toni Briegel)

Night Flight by T. M. Sills  [Book 1 of The Star Line Series]

Guardians of the Secret Tomb by T. M. Sills   [Book 2 of The Star Line Series]

Edited Books:

Cooperative Learning: A Guide to Research by Samuel Totten, Toni Sills, Annette Digby, and Pamela Russ

Jazz: Music Indigenous to America: How to Listen, Understand, and Appreciate Jazz Music by George Calhoun

Look Before You Leap: Confessions and Advice from a Private School Mom by M. J. Wilen

Middle Level Education: An Annotated Bibliography by Samuel Totten, Toni Sills-Briegel, Kathleen Barta, Annette Digby, and William Nielsen

Never Enough Love by John Lazano

Practicing What We Preach: Preparing Middle Level Educators by Samuel Totten, Charlene Johnson, Linda R. Morrow, and Toni Sills-Briegel

21st Century Reiki: Updated Methods, Teaching, Attunements by Steve Murray

Rise of the Alien Queen by R. A. L. Phillips

The Red Spiral Notebook by Ken Allen

The Wonders of the Musandam by Gloria Kifayeh, Toni Briegel, and Abdul Khalique Ahmed