If you try to be perfect when you write, you will lose your idea. Your goal as a writer is to capture your idea. Ideas are like butterflies.  They flutter away unless you persistently chase them.

Once you have your idea captured on paper, the work really begins.  Pretend you got up and got dressed in the dark.  When you turned the lights on, you found nothing matched.  You were wearing a purple shirt with green plaid trousers. You were wearing shoes from different pairs. One foot had a sock on it and one didn’t. You were a mess—but you were dressed.  Then a member of your family caught you as you tried to walk out the door.

“You can’t go out like that!  You need to change some things!”

The “writer” has found an “editor.”

A few minutes later, you leave your home looking like a model in a fashion magazine. You’re color-coordinated. Your shoes match and you’re wearing two socks—one on each foot and, yes, they match each other and your outfit.

The “writer” and “editor” have worked together to create a work of art—you!

An editor’s job is to help you look good by suggesting changes so that nothing distracts your reader from understanding your idea.

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